Ten Reasons Why I’ll Crash and Burn or Ten Reasons Why I’m A Rockstar


Five years ago I never gave web design any thought at all. Five years ago, everything changed. Five years ago I moved to Oklahoma. I started working for an online safety training company. I worked with animators, sound production, database engineers and subject matter experts. This is when my eyes were opened to digital marketing and all things technical. Five years ago, I’m not sure if I could tell you what an operating system was on my computer and how to find it. Fast forward five years and here I am, starting my journey into web design and it’s terrifying but also incredibly exciting. Let me tell you why.

Ten Reasons Why I Could Crash and Burn in this Course:

  1. I already work two jobs, where am I finding the time to focus on this?
  2. What if I’m fooling myself into believing I have an eye for design?
  3. The only “user experience” I can design for is my own
  4. I still don’t know what the cloud is, is that going to be important?
  5. My laptop could crash and burn
  6. I can’t grasp the concept of making Javascript work when I’m not really sure what it is anyway
  7. I have a preference for really long blog titles
  8.  I can’t even come up with ten items
  9. The course will move along faster than I can fully grasp
  10. That I can follow steps on how to do something but not really understand the reasons behind why I’m doing them or why it’s important

Ten Reasons Why I’ll Rock This Course:

  1. I’ve been thinking about doing this course for over a year and I’m finally doing it
  2. I already have some background in web design
  3. I already know what “user experience” is and the importance of it in web design
  4. Does anyone really know what the cloud is anyway?
  5. It’s a work laptop, so the company will pay to fix it
  6. There are excellent resources in this program to turn to with questions
  7. Long-tail urls are really the rage right now
  8. My specialty is building content
  9. This is the course that will help me recognize my potential and be an excellent resume builder
  10. I’ll rock this course because I know that I can

So here I am, one month into the program. Only 17 more months to go. Rockstar status, here I come.

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