Professional Growth Activity: Module 5

Name: Jenn Clore
Activity: Refresh OKC “10 Lessons From Running a Digital Marketing Agency for 14 Years
Description of Activity:  A Meetup event with speaker Tim Priebe from T&S Online Marketing. He shares 10 lessons he’s learned from hackers, customers, mistakes, employees, and successes over the course of 14 years in business.

Date(s) of Activity (also include times):

10/26/17 11:30a to 12:30p

Student Evaluation:

Why did you select this activity?

As a digital marketer, I’m always interested in any tips and trade secrets from fellow marketers in the local industry.

Would you recommend this activity for other students? Why or why not?

Yes. I’ve been to a few Refresh Meetups and I always have enjoyed the topics. The Meetup events are often relevant to the industry trends whether you are a marketer or a web developer or designer. From the  Refresh website – “Topics range from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Content Management Systems (WordPress, Drupal, etc), Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, User Experience, Web Standards and much more.”

What did you like best about this activity?

I like the smaller sized group and the meeting space. I did enjoy the topic. Tim was a great speaker and I appreciated his love of reading and the books he recommended to read. I’m a little sad that I didn’t win his most recent book that he was giving away.

What did you like least about this activity? How would you make the activity better?

Tim’s slides froze in the middle of his presentation so he had to go on without it. But I appreciated his way of easing into moving along without the slides. He didn’t seem flustered and he was well prepared. But I would of liked it better if we did get to see the rest of his slides as I tend to remember better when seeing something instead of just listening.

What is a creative idea/concept you can take away from this experience and possibly implement into your work?

Tim’s 10 tips were –

  1. Identify your gaps
  2. Set goals
  3. Know your finances
  4. Manage your growth
  5. Get good at sales
  6. Develop a reoccurring model
  7. Develop your personal network
  8. Read
  9. Seek outside council
  10. Give back before its comfortable

I always try to read up on theories and concepts in the marketing and web design industries and that is one concept that I can take away. Setting goals and identifying my weaknesses is something that I can help further me professionally. I think that Tim’s advice is relevant to any business model even for those freelancing or just getting started.