Web design is an ever-evolving process as trends and needs change often.

Below is a link to my first standalone HTML website. This website will be evolving as I gain more skills throughout my web design course.


“Treating Your Typography Like Art” Project

Below is the link to my typography 1 page website for a fictitious coffee shop that hosts live music. The guidelines for this project include:

  • No use of images
  • Must include an unordered list, a table and a form
  • Include a navigation bar
  • CSS must validate


Zen Garden Project

This project involved redesigning a website using CSS only, without modifying any HTML.


You can read more about the project details by visiting my blog article – http://www.clorecreative.com/cultivating-css-community/

Discography Project

In this project, I was tasked with created a three-page website for a band using Bootstrap. The guidelines for this project include:

  • CSS must validate
  • Code must pass Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Must include images of the band and album covers
  • Tables of discography and sources used
  • Responsive Design
  • Website must be accessible and designer for user experience