Course 04

Assignment – Convert a Fixed Grid Site to a Responsive Grid Site

This assignment involved converting a site for a fake company called Our Great Company that was designed on a fixed grid into a responsive design. This is my first attempt at using Bootstrap.

Assignment – Discography Project – Rough Draft

I created a website for the band, Panic! At The Disco. I was tasked to create a home page, discography page and a sources page. This is still a work in progress. 

Update 9/13/17 – Made additional changes to the website. Added responsive tables to my discography page. Originally tried a carousel but I don’t think the type I was using was made for all the text I needed to include. Learned a lot about page speed optimization and realized some errors in the bootstrap file management in my project folder. I’m still having an issue on some padding on the right side of my navbar. I’ve exhausted all of my google keyword knowledge on searching for an answer on how to fix the issue. After much frustration, and I’m not too proud to admit, some tears, I think it’s finally in its final stage.