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This page consists of links to blog posts and assignments for the book, White Space Is Not Your Enemy.

Blog for Ch.1 — Making Visuals and Text Play Nice in Space


Ch. 3 — Works Every Time Layout ↓

An example of a “Works Every Time Layout”

Photoshop Comp/Mockup ↓

Blog for Ch. 4 — Layout Sins


Annotated Jing Screenshots for Ch. 5 — Mini Art School Elements and Principles of Design. ↓

Layout from – https://wegraphics.net/blog/tutorials/photoshop/design-a-creative-portfolio-in-photoshop/

Ch 6. – Layout

Exercise 1 – Comparing the grid structures between competing organizations.

I chose UPS and Fed Ex.


Exercise 2 – Compare two news organizations visual hierachy.

I chose NPR and Vice.

Both websites employ a modular display to guide the reader down the page, giving the reader one article to view at a time in most cases.

Vice uses mostly a two column layout except in the cluster of articles in the middle of the homepage. But each section of information is laid out a little different than the rest to break up the page.

NPR uses a two column layout with an ad serving as a sidebar to the right. Although it could be considered three columns as the images on the right in the article block line up nicely throughout the page to serve as a third column.

Both sites are clean and clear with minimal use of color other than the images that coincide with the articles. Both use big bold article headlines. I personally like NPR’s layout more because it shows fewer blocks of information. However since Vice targets a hunger generation, I understand the use of video ads to break up information.

Ch. 7 part 1 – Type

What categories of fonts does the candy wrapper represent? Are the font choices appropriate for the target audience?

Brach’s Gummy Bears – San serif font

I think in general this line of candy reminds me of grandparents. It’s got a classic and nostalgic look to the brand.

Wrigley’s Doublemint Gum – Thick and bold Transitional font

It’s a classic, no frills font. You know what to expect from it. I think the target audience is adults who want a basic chewing gum without the gimmicks.

Dove Milk Chocolate Bar – Decorative font

The font used represents smooth and creamy chocolate. Most likely targeted to adult women who are looking for an indulgent candy bar.

Mounds – Decorative and Sans serif font

Fun and round, a little reminiscent of a coconut. I think the roundest of the font can appeal to a younger crowd but with minimal frills to appeal to adults as well. I think this is a multiple generational font that appeals to people who want a little bit of fun but still staying within their box.

Godiva – Modern Serif font

The thin lines of the logo combined with the script font project an elegant and indulgent look to the bar. I think it appeals to the upscale candy lover who is looking for a special occasion treat than a gas station quick purchase.

Ch. 7 part 2 – Logos

Examples of bad logos.

Ryan’s Lawn Service is pixelated on their website. I think the design dingbat on the left is a lawn mower but I’m really not sure. It’s too detailed to scale down.

The Schranz Roofing and Sheet metal logo is clear at this size, but it is too detailed to be scaled down. I think it would serve them better to remove the building and the trees and just stick to a  wordmark.

Examples of good logos.

Both are simple designs with one or two colors. The color choice allows flexibility and maintains the logo integrity in any color. The logos are designed well to be resized and still remain visible. The decorative flare on both logos is representative of the industries they work in and is simple enough for easy interpretation.

Ch. 8 and 9 Color Basics and Photos and Art

White Space Is Not Your Enemy – Chapter 8