@Oleksander Kovalenko

Hello! My name is Jenn Clore. I’m a lover of all things pumpkin and currently a marketing administrator for a local roofing company as well as a contract content writer. I am tasked with awesome projects such as managing social media accounts, creating email newsletters, and developing content for websites including monthly blogs.

From this work experience, I have grown to learn that there’s so much more to digital marketing and web design. This website is a chronicle of my journey into the world of coding, user experience, front end, and back-end web development.

My specialty is content creation, but as “Content is King”, a king needs a kingdom and that’s what I’m here to learn how to create.

Click on the link below to visit my print design portfolio and other writing samples at Crevado. The designs were made using Canva.


Take a look at my LinkedIn Profile to see my professional experience.